Top 5 Best Cat Games That Will Keep Your Kitty Entertained

If you’re looking for ways to keep your kitty entertained, look no further! Here are five of the best cat games that will keep your feline friend happy and amused. From chasing a toy around to batting at a piece of string, these activities are sure to keep your cat entertained for hours on end. So get ready to watch your cat have some fun!

Top 5 Best Cat Games

Do you have a cat that gets bored easily? If so, you need to check out these top 5 best cat games! They will keep your kitty entertained for hours on end. From chasing a wand around to playing with a puzzle, your cat will love all of these games! So don’t wait any longer, and get started today. Your feline friend will be grateful you did.

5. Cat Alone

Cat Alone

The entertaining cat app Cat Alone will occupy your feline friend for hours. This app offers a variety of objects to chase, including butterflies, cockroaches, lizards, and laser pointers. Watch your cat play for hours if you leave him alone with this lovely app.

This cat game has eight stages with eight different graphics and eight different sounds. However, the sound can be adjusted to your preferences.

4. Mouse for Cats

Mouse for Cats

The world’s best cat game is called Mouse for Cats. Playing this app will quickly get your cat chasing mice if they are bored, irate, or lazy. The venerable 2D cat game Mouse for Cats features HDR graphics.

There are 11 interesting and thrilling mouse levels to play! This cat game is designed, timed, and cat-friendly! After 100 hits, there are three mini-games. Your cat pays close attention to the game because the mice come in a variety of colors and have animated shapes, annoying tail movements, and sounds.

Both iOS and Android devices can play it. Cats adore it and it is free to use.

3. Cat Playground

Cat Playground

An excellent app for cats is Cat Playground. Allow your pet to chase a mouse, fish, or laser pointer and reward him with points each time he succeeds in catching it. However, be aware that it might lead to cat addiction. This cat game is compatible with any Android phone that has a touchscreen, but since a larger display makes it easier for your cat to use, it works best with those devices. It is a paid app that will make your cat happy and playful.

2. Cat Fishing 2

Cat Fishing 2

Friskies’ Cat Fishing 2 is a catch-and-release cat game. It is the greatest cat game ever made. It scratches your cat’s itch for hunting while also offering excellent mental stimulation and keeping their mind active. The day’s catch for your cat is Cat Fishing 2. They’ll hunt for prey in the chosen pond while you score.

It was designed with cats in mind, featuring recently added sounds that will hold their attention and a swarm of fish that will keep them reaching back for more. This cat game can be played in countless different ways.

1. Cat Toy

Cat Toy

Another excellent mobile application for cats is Cat Toy. You just need to open Cat Toy and then leave your cat alone. Catching and chasing toys will be a lot of fun for your pet. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the top cat game.

There are six toys in this cat game. You can change the speed to determine what is best for your cat. Additionally, since you have to slide the back button, your pet cannot unintentionally end the game. These cat apps help cats’ reflexes and increase their energy and happiness. Click here to download this app.


Whether you’re at home or out of town, these top five best cat games will keep your kitty entertained. And if you have a friend with a playful feline, why not try some of these out together? The next time your cat starts scratching up the furniture or meowing for no reason, bust out one of these games and watch them have a blast. How do you think your cat would react to each game? Let us know in the comments below.

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