Russian Blue Mix Cats: Is Your Russian Blue Purebred Or Mixed?

Russian Blue mix cats are a beautiful blend of two popular cat breeds, the Russian Blue and another breed of your choice. They are typically blue-grey or green-eyed cats with a sleek, short coat depending on who you cross-breed it with. They are intelligent, calm, and make great family pets. Two of the most popular Russian Blue mix are the Siamese Russian Blue Mix and the Maine Coon Russian Blue mix which we’ll be talking about down below.

Russian Blue mix kittens look very similar to the Russian Blue parent breed though depending on who you cross-breed it with, some differences might become more noticeable as your kitty grows up. A Russian Blue mix cat can include just about any other breed of the cat so your Russian Blue mix kitten can have a completely different look from the Russian Blue.

The Russian Blue is a descendant of the shorthaired Russian Black, and they generally have few breed-related genetic defects. Russian Blues are very affectionate and loyal to their families and make excellent lap cats and companions for children (but they also like to be lazy on their own sometimes).

Russian Blue mixes can include just about any other breed of a cat so Russian Blue mix kittens may look completely different from the Russian Blue parent. Russian Blues make great pets for families with children or other pets but if you want your Russian blues to get along well with your dogs or other cats, it’s best that you introduce them while they’re still young.

The Russian Blue Cat is a Natural Breed

Russian Blue cat.

The Russian Blue is one of the most well-loved breeds because they are affectionate yet reserved. They occurred naturally without any human intervention. It wasn’t until 1875 when this breed first appeared outside their native Russia, at The Crystal Palace Cat Show where it won Best In Class and attracted much attention from other countries around Europe due to how different its temperament compared with other cats back then who were more likely aggressive or wild in nature.

The Russian Blue cat is a short, plush coat cat with a distinctive blue-grey to silver color and bright green eyes. Russian Blues are intelligent, easily trained, calm, gentle, peaceful cats that make great pets for almost any household or family situation. Because Russian Blues are such smart kitties, they are easily trained, they can learn to fetch and walk on a leash (make sure you get them before they are 6 months old). Russian blues like to be clean so training shouldn’t be too difficult.

They love spending time with their people and will appreciate all the attention they can get! Russian Blues are intelligent, easily trained, calm, gentle, peaceful cats that make great pets for almost any household or family situation.

Since Russian Blues love people, they love attention, which means they will enjoy playing games, wrestling around with their favorite human(s), and cuddling up to sleep in their preferred lap. Russian Blues are very affectionate and make excellent companions for older people as well because Russian blues tend to be calm, peaceful kitties that remain playful throughout their lives as long as they get lots of attention from their owners.

The Siamese Russian Blue Mix Cat

Siamese Russian Blue cat mix.

Cross two iconic breeds like the Russian Blue and Siamese cat, which have always been known for their amazing coloration patterns in both Domestic Cats. While this may be a little shy around strangers or not as confident at first glance- it’s guaranteed that you’ll end up with an exquisite cat who loves attention from family members but will need some extra love when going out into public spaces where they won’t know quite how to handle themselves yet!

The temperament of the Siamese Russian Blue Mix Cat

Mixed breed kittens are typically more difficult to determine the personality of than pure-bred cats because there is a wider range for them to inherit traits. It’s best if you like both parent breeds, as your kitten could end up being like one or the other depending on which type suits you most at first glance. Your kitten might end up more similar in nature as opposed to one type or another!

Expect the Unexpected

It’s possible to know what your kitten will be like once you get them if they are purebred. With purebreds, it is easy because their parents have similar traits; however, with mixed breed kittens things can take on any form! No matter how different they may seem now–they’ll likely end up being a combination of both parent breeds or something completely new altogether.

So, the personality and appearance may be a mix of both breeds in a Siamese Russian blue mix that is unpredictable. A purebred cat has very specific characteristics that can usually predict its temperament and personality based on those parent breeds; however, this isn’t always true with blended kittens- in fact, many times these cats end up being more intermediate than either parent breed itself– but don’t worry because waiting around long enough should give you an answer.

Health and Immunity

While the Siamese often has a long list of potential health issues than the Russian Blue, it’s important to note that this is down largely due to their genetics. Whether your kitten inherits any or all will depend on what they were born with so there isn’t much you can do in terms of predicting which might affect them later on!

The mixed-breed kittens are often healthier than purebred cats. If you have a general question about your kitten’s health, we recommend that you ask for an annual check from the vet to help catch any conditions as soon as possible!

It’s always best to ask for the vet when your new kitten arrives, even if you think they look healthy! If he or she has any doubts about their health status then it might be time to consider getting them checked out by an expert who can give advice on what else needs checking in addition-like eyesight tests (depending upon type), dental care, and vaccinations starters kit, etc.

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix Cat

Maine Coon Russian Blue Cat mix.

Imagine the cutest cat you can think of, and then imagine that it was mixed with an incredibly rare breed. What do you get? A Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix! But wait there’s more- this unique pet doesn’t just look amazing; its personality is guaranteed to keep your home full of life too.

A perfect blend between two well-known breeds like these would be hard enough without adding anything else into consideration but what happens when we add in other factors such as color or hair type for instance. Will they still combine together beautifully? You’ll find out soon enough because right now let’s take some time getting acquainted shall we?”

The Maine Coon Russian Blue mix is a rare breed of cat with some characteristics from both breeds. It’s not as tall and slim as the traditional Maine Coon, but it still has that enchantingly soft appearance you’ll find anywhere! Both the male and female can have different colors which makes them more attractive than your typical single-colored purebreds.

Russian Blue Main Coon Mix Appearance

The appearance difference in the dominant and recessive character between both cats passed onto their offspring. Their mix will probably be shorter than Maine Coon, but slightly larger than Russian blue; this means that your cat is a little bit of each! Your average Maine Coon Russian Blue mix would weigh from 10 to 15 pounds. If your cat is more Russian Blue than the other, it will have a slender and muscular body whereas if it is more Maine Coon, it’ll be larger and more muscular than your average Russian Blue.

The eye color can vary among these cats, it might be blue or green. But the most common colors you’ll see are yellow-rimmed and dark green eyes with a hint of gold in them; they depend on what traits dominate your particular cat’s genes!

The color of the Maine Coon Russian Blue mix cat’s coats may vary from white, cream, or brown but they will always have a luxuriously soft texture. Despite the different hues in their fur and length, it doesn’t change how silky smooth each one feels against your skin!

The temperament of the Maine Coon Russian Blue Mix Cat

Regardless of which type you get, both cats are sweet and gentle. However, there is a difference in their behaviors when it comes to socialization: Maine Coons love being around people whereas Russian Blues shy away from strangers unless they’re acquainted with them beforehand (which means most likely that your new pet would not make good company).

The reason for this? It seems as though the personality trait seen mostly among those who own an indoor-only lifestyle stems from either parent’s genetic makeup; descendants will have similar personalities because only one recessive gene needs activation by manifesting itself within each fertilized egg cell.

Knowing which personality your cat has, can be difficult. One way to tell for sure though is by their voice tone when talking or being vocal with other cats in general situations where there are many around them such as at the vet’s office – this will give you an idea about what type of Maine Coon they may have been born into because if it sounds like a loud and chatty individual then that would mean he/she embodies more traits from this breed while those who speak softer and are peaceful tend towards Russian Blues.

Health and Immunity

The Maine Coon is typically a larger breed of cat. They have an above-average weight problem and some Myopathy issues to look out for as well, but it’s their long list of health problems that make this type so vulnerable! A pure Russian blues has no known illnesses associated with them except for the fact they’re obese; however, if you own one from this line there might be something wrong with your mixed furry friend thanks in part due to 34% carrying genes causing Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (FHGM) on the Maine Coons.

There is always the chance that your new furry friend could carry health problems, such as Hip Dysplasia or Polycystic Kidney Disease. You should always ask for parents’ health screening results from their breeders when you adopt an animal with mixed breeds in it!


Many people want a purebred cat without going through all the trouble that comes with planning a litter of kittens. Cross-breeds, or “Russian blue mix” cats, are attractive because they typically resemble the Russian Blue in body conformation and coat pattern. Unlike purebreds, however, there are no standards for Russian blue mixes so it’s difficult to predict what you’re going to get.

It is always recommended that you get a cross-bred cat from a reputable breeder rather than rescuing one from the shelter. Russian Blue mix cats from good breeders are usually well taken care of and have a far better chance at being healthy.


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