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Train Your Russian Blue Cat In The Simplest Way Possible.

Russian Blue Kittens

It’s great to have a fancy-looking cat like the Russian Blue. They are beautiful, affectionate, and very easy to care for. Being a cat with such a level of intelligence, you will surely have no trouble training it. Russian blue cat training can be completed early without much hassle if you are affectionate and caring towards your cat. This is a cat that loves the attention and affection of its owner, so training it won’t be a problem. You can train them to do tricks just like any other cat breeds you might have tried training before.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Start the Training process early.

A couple of Russian Blue Kittens.

You need to start training your Russian Blue right from kittenhood if you want your Russian Blue to get used to training sooner rather than later. Start by giving him or her treats when he or she does something you appreciate such as using his litter box correctly every time, playing fetch with a special toy of yours, etc. Keep training sessions short and very positive for better results – this breed is sensitive and hates disappointing anyone (including you). Reward your Russian Blue with lots of positive words and playtime while training them.

Also, training your Russian Blue to walk on a leash can be done very easily. Just get them used to wearing a harness early, and they will be good at training with the leash later. Once you have taken off the harness for training sessions, make sure you reward him or her with many treats for following your training instructions well.

When training sessions are done, keep everything you do with your Russian Blue fun and positive. Never punish your cat for not training well enough. If the Russian Blue Cat training is going correctly, the only thing you should be doing is rewarding them handsomely to make sure they associate training sessions as a very positive experience in their minds. And if the Russian Blue Cat training needs improvement, remember to never give up on training – it will always pay off later on when you can take your Russian Blue out for walks anytime without much trouble.

How to train a Russian Blue?

Russian Blue Cat training sessions are easy and effortless like any other cat breeds you have tried training before!

The only difference you will feel is the level of intelligence your cat possesses. Whereas most cats take several weeks to months to train, Russian Blue Cat training can be achieved within days or even hours all thanks to their high sense of reasoning and understanding. 

Russian Blue Cats are one of the most intelligent breeds of cats. These cats are not fussy when it comes to eating habits, which means they are highly adaptable when it comes to food preferences too. This also makes them easy to feed. They simply love cat treats and dry kibble!

Russian Blue cat laying on is bed.

Train well with love, care, and trust – this breed speaks volumes in its silence!

If you are not sure how to get your Russian Blue to like training, then make sure that you make them used to it. Below are some ideas on how to begin your Russian Blue Cat training session.

Get them into a routine

This is important in training, so try to train at the same time every day. If it’s training time, go to where you have all of your training tools set up and wait for your cat so he can follow behind you when training begins. If training isn’t his thing, play with him when he follows behind or bring something that smells like treats or food nearby so he associates training with getting yummy snacks.

There is a great YouTube video you can refer to on a YouTube channel named Kat & Cats if you are not confident on how to start your Russian Blue cat training sessions.

Have clicker sessions

If you don’t have a clicker already, you can find one online, in most training stores, or make one at home with a paperclip.  Click when they are doing what you want them to do, then give them their treat/toy/praise whatever it may be. Make sure you only click when they are doing the right thing though!  A great training game is to have them sit by their food dish and try not to get up until you click and reward them.

Keep training fun

Your cat will be less likely to keep training if they are not into it. If you are training them in the morning then play with your kitty for a little bit, maybe 10 minutes or so before training begins. You can also do this at night time as well – play with him and train at the same time! This way he knows training is something to look forward to, especially since it comes after playtime. Combining training and playing keeps things really simple for your cat!

It’s all about positive reinforcement!

Positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to get your cat interested in training. Make sure that you praise them kindly when they show signs of improvement. When you’re teaching your Russian Blue Cat to sit, make sure you only put the training treats near them. Pet them nicely and tell them how well they did when they get up from sitting or even better; give a few pats and a treat after training!

Be consistent

There’s one training tip you should take note of – Be consistent in what training tools you use and how you train. Never switch between training tools without giving your cat some time to adjust first or else training will become confusing for him or her, and it won’t be as fun. When training with any of these training games stated below, always remember: be gentle with your kitty and speak kindly to him/her at all times so he knows training is nothing but fun!

7 Fun Russian Blue Cat training games to try at home.

Now that we’ve shown you the basics of Russian Blue Cat training, let’s move forward to some fun training games to try for your Russian Blue Cat training session. We give you great training games that will make training your cat super fun and easy! Here are some training games you can try with your Russian Blue at home.

1. Train your cat to walk on a leash and harness

This is the first Russian Blue Cat training you can teach your Blue cat – just put the harness on them and let them wear it around for a few days so they get used to it, then tie their leash onto it and take your cat for a walk outside where there are no distractions (you don’t want your cat to get lost).  Reward them with lots of treats and praise.

Also, keep in mind that training a cat to walk on a leash is very much an individual thing – you may have success training your Russian Blue Cat within 2 weeks, or it may take months.  Of course, training should never be forced, but if your Russian Blue Cat does not want to wear the harness and walk outside after several attempts there’s no need to keep forcing them. You’re training your cat for their benefit; don’t forget that they know what’s best for them.

Training tip: start training at a young age (6-8 weeks), when they are more willing to follow you and learn new things. Also, training sessions should be short and fun, maybe 10 minutes of training two times per day.

2. Teach your cat basic tricks.

This Russian Blue Cat training game is the most fun- you can teach your Russian Blue all sorts of tricks like how to sit, lay down, stand on their back legs, or even make them call for food (yes it’s possible). You might need an assistant for this training game because at least one hand should be petting, rewarding, or holding whatever piece of training equipment you’re using at the time.

 The most common training game for a cat is teaching them to sit or jump up on something, then give them a treat every time they do it.  This is also good training for hunting games- whenever your cat kills a mouse or bird, make sure you praise them and give them a treat as well! Keep your Russian Blue training sessions short and sweet, and do them several times a day rather than all at once. Also, don’t forget to always give your cat lots of praise and treats after they’ve completed a certain trick!

3. Teach your cat to use the litter box properly.

 We recommend buying 3 litter boxes for each floor of your house if you have more than one pet. Since cats usually have one favorite spot to go potty, if their first location is being used by another cat- they’ll look through all the other ones until they find a clean one. Clean every litter box out daily and fill it with fresh litter, then put a small amount of catnip in it to attract your cat. If you have more than one cat, keep the litter boxes separate from each other.  

4. Train your cat not to scratch things that they shouldn’t be scratching.

If you catch them scratching something they shouldn’t- like the furniture, pick them up and bring them over to their training mat (or if you don’t have one of those yet, just take them to a place where they CAN scratch) and start petting/playing games with them there so they know that is an acceptable place for paws.

You can also spray cat repellent, but never use it on your training mat or you could end up training the opposite effect.

5. Train your Russian Blue to come when called

You can start this training game by training your cat to sit and give treats, then taking a few steps away and calling them (don’t use their name at first because they will probably think you mean to come here for their treat). When they do come towards you, click and reward them with lots of praise/treats/affection.  Repeat this training game several times a day until they get the hang of coming when called- once you know they’ll come every time, add in their name while training so that next time they hear their name, they automatically know what’s going on.

6. Train your Russian Blue to behave around guests

This training game can be a little harder- do not get frustrated if your cat doesn’t take to the training right away (they will though!). When someone comes over and you want your cat to stay in their room, make sure they have food and water and their favorite toys before training them. Make the training session short and reward them with lots of praise when they come out by themselves. If your training sessions are longer than 15 minutes then that’s too long since cats need breaks between training games like humans do!

7. Train your Russian Blue to keep it down at night

Playing training games throughout the day is important for training any animal, but especially cats because they’re nocturnal and need the training to adjust to your schedule. This training game is especially great for those that live in apartments or near people who hate cats because it could save you from constant complaints!  

There you go!  Now that you know how the basics of Russian Blue Cat training, you’ll have a beautifully behaved kitty.  


At first, start Russian Blue Cat training games with your cat as soon as they start getting loud (meowing, thumping on the door, etc.), then reward them by letting them outside or giving them a treat so they know what’s making you upset. Next time, wait until later before rewarding them but never punish them because this will just make training harder.

Russian Blue cat playing.

If you teach your Russian Blue cat training games like these then you’ll be able to train them very quickly and easily without having any problems with them not listening and coming back to bite you later! Your Russian Blue will respect you more as you keep continuing your Russian Blue Cat training sessions and there’s a good chance that other people in your life will too because they do know how to obey commands. Just think about everything it would take out of training if all training games were this fun- I wish my parents had training games like this for me when I was little!

If you want to learn more about the Russian Blue cat before adopting them, visit our site for similar articles to fully understand the nature of these beautiful creatures.

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