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Why Russian Blue Cat Is Ideal For First-time Pet Owners?

Cats are the sweetest creatures of God. We all love to have them around. They are beautiful, cute, and really adorable. Many people prefer keeping cats over dogs as they look very pretty and behave better than some dogs. However there is one problem with that, you need to be experienced in handling cats as they can get pretty fussy at times. If you are new to the cat kingdom, I would suggest getting a Russian blue kitten.

However, the Russian Blue Cat price is frequently quite expensive as they are quite rare.

A girl petting a russian blue.

An average purebred Russian Blue Cat price range starts from $600 to $800. (USD). However, a good one might even cost you between $800 and $1,200. If you want a Russian Blue Cat with a pedigree from a well-known breeding farm, with a pretty appearance and thick feathers, the price range is $1,500-$2,500.

Before looking at the Russian Blue cat price, let’s look at what type of cats they are. Russian blue cats are a popular breed of cat that is known for their calm temperament and easy-to-care-for coat. They make an ideal pet for people who live in apartments or small houses, as they don’t require a lot of exercise and can be easily accommodated in limited spaces.

Russian blues come in different hues and shades of blues as well as with patches of silver. Their coat is also water repellent, so they don’t get easily wet. They are very intelligent and can be easily trained to do tricks or simply to come when called. If you’re looking for a new addition to your family, consider getting a cuddly Russian blue kitten!

Russian blue kittens are considered one of the best breeds for first-timers. They are generally very calm and docile and don’t require a lot of maintenance. They also have got beautiful silky coats which are pretty easy to maintain.

Russian blue kittens come in different hues and shades of blues as well as with patches of silver. They have a very royal look that will make you love them more. Their coat is also water repellent so they don’t get easily wet.

Apart from their physical beauty, Russian blue kittens are also very intelligent and can be easily trained. They are very playful and love to play with their owners. They also have a great sense of humor and will keep you entertained throughout the day.

Russian blue kittens make ideal pets for people who live in apartments or small houses. They don’t require a lot of exercises and can be easily accommodated in limited spaces.

So if you are looking for a beautiful, intelligent and low maintenance pet, Russian blue kittens would be the best choice for you. I am sure you will love them as much as I do.

How much is a Russian Blue Cat price?

In this guide, I will cover almost everything you need to know about purchasing a Russian Blue Cat, as well as the actual Russian Blue Cat price.

  • A pedigreed Russian Blue Cat will cost between £350 and £800 in the UK (GBP).
  • A breeder in the United States will charge you between $400-$1000. (USD).
  • Similarly, the price of Russian Blue Cats in Australia starts at $350 (AUD), with no price difference between coat colors.
Russian Blue cat sitting down.

The first thing you should know as a buyer is that the Russian Blue cat price varies depending on their characteristics and where you buy the cat. The price may be lower if you purchase from an unregistered breeder.

Below, we’ll be discussing various ways how you can get this ideal cat from various sources.


You may come across advertisements for free kittens from time to time. These are most likely from inadvertent litters and will not be purebred Russian Blues. It’s unlikely that they’ve had any major health checks. Remember that the initial cost of your kitten will be much less than the total amount you will spend on them over their lifetime. While a free kitten may appear to be a good deal, it is usually preferable to adopt a kitten from a shelter or purchase one from a reputable breeder.

Adoption Shelter

Russian Blue Cat price: $100 – $250

You might come across an adult Russian Blue who has been settled to a shelter due to no fault of their own, or a litter of kittens. They may not have breed registration papers, but if you don’t mind that, a shelter is an excellent place to find your new cat and give them a loving forever home. Before any cat is placed for adoption, all shelters will conduct a health check. While you may have to pay a certain fee, this covers any vet checks that your new cat has had and contributes to the costs of keeping the shelter open so that more cats in need can be helped.

Established Breeders

Russian Blue Cat price: $400 – $1000

Most Russian Blue kittens sold by breeders in the United States will cost between $400 and $1,000. Because Russian Blues are so popular, you should have no trouble finding registered breeders. It’s always a good idea to ask each breeder a few questions so you can get a sense of their procedures.
Make an in-person visit to the breeding facilities to inspect the breeding ground’s condition. If at all possible, ask the breeder if you can meet the parent cats. Check to see if the parent cats are healthy and if they have had any health checks. Also, find out with which breed organization the kittens have been registered.

Spending this much amount on a cat breed is no joke, so make sure that you are getting the value of your money before making a final decision.

Factors affecting Russian Blue Cat price

With Russian blue cat prices so high, many wonder if spending this much money is worth it. This is an important factor when thinking about getting Russian blue kittens because you want to be able to invest time into your pet’s life and be able to enjoy it for a long time.

One Russian blue kitten can cost you more than some people’s monthly car payments, so it is important that you are able to take care of your new pet. If you are not able to take care of a Russian blue kitten then it might be best to wait until you can before getting one.

On the other hand, Russian blue kittens are very playful and loving creatures that can make great additions to any family. They love to play and will keep you entertained for hours on end. Not only do they have great personalities, but they also have a unique color that not many other breeds have. This makes them stand out and makes them perfect for those who want a show cat or to bring out their creativity.

No matter which reason you want to buy a cat, many people consider getting Russian Blue because of their good-looking appearance. If you are one of them, here is the basic information about this breed: how much does a Russian blue Cat cost? The price will be determined by several factors.

First, the geographical location where you live can affect the price. In some places, the Russian Blue cat price may be more expensive than in others. For example, in Asia, the Russian Blue cat price can go up to $600 or even more. However, in the United States or Canada, the average Russian Blue cat price is about $400 – $1000. There are also some breeders who offer lower prices in these countries because they don’t have to pay the shipping cost from out of the state.

Another factor that can affect how much you have to spend is the age of the Russian blue cat. The older they are, the more expensive they may be. Since Russian Blue is still a rare breed, kittens may be more expensive than adult cats.

The final factor is the breeder’s location and reputation. If you want to buy a Russian blue cat from a good, reliable breeder, you will have to spend more money. However, if you are looking for a bargain, you can find cheaper Russian Blue Cats from breeders who are not as reputable.

Miscellaneous expenses after getting one

Russian blue cat toys and accessories

Now that you’ve known the Russian blue cat price, let’s look at what else you should consider buying for them. Russian Blue Cat price is not the only money you’ll be spending for the cat. If you think that the Russian Blue Cat price is expensive, raising and supplying them with their basic needs is also costly. But the Russian Blue cat price factor is not a problem if you’re a determined cat owner who loves them and wishes all the happiness and prosperity for them in life.

Food Costs

 A Russian blue cat needs to eat high-quality kitten/puppy food because they are still growing until the age of 1 year old. The average food cost for a Russian blue is around $10 per month, but it can range from $5 – $25 per month, depending on the quality of the food and how often it is fed. Search for the best foods for your Russian Blue by clicking here.


 This Russian blue breed loves spending time with people because they are very intelligent and affectionate to their owners. This Russian blue breed loves playing games with its owners or just relaxing around them after hours of playing. Playing with your Russian blue companion will cost you around $10-$20 per month on toys, or Russian blue cat supplies. Plus bedding to make your Russian blue companion comfortable at night is about $25-$35 per month. .

Grooming kits

Russian Blue prefers to keep its body clean. He needs to brush, comb, and trim his hair. It is not a high-maintenance cat, but he is very particular about his hygiene.

The price range for grooming needs is $4 – $50. Click here to browse for grooming kits for your Russian Blue.


Russian blue cats should have constant access to fresh water and therefore need a feeder that can be easily filled. The price for a Russian blue cat feeder ranges from $5 – $30.


 There are many other supplies you will need when owning a Russian blue cat, such as a scratching post, litter box, and bed. These items typically cost between $10 – $200.

Veterinary Expenses

  The Russian blue cat has a long lifespan that can reach over 20 years old, but the average lifespan of Russian blue cats is between 15-20 years old. A Russian blue cat needs yearly checkups at the veterinarian for routine shots and checkups. It is important to take your Russian blue for regular vet checkups to ensure they are healthy. Typically the Russian blue vet cost is around $50 – $220 per visit, but it can range from $20 – $400 depending on any add-ons or illnesses Russian blue cats might have.

Extra Expenses

  Add-ons such as a Russian blue cat carrier ($40) and Russian blue cat costumes ($10) are always fun to get for your Russian blue. However, not all Russian blues want a costume and you do not need a Russian blue cat carrier until they are full-grown adults. So these items should be bought based on if they interest you/your Russian blue. Also, most breeders will offer free delivery of the Russian blue cat, so that cost is not something you need to worry about.

  In total, the average annual cost for a Russian blue can be anywhere from $580 – $1500. This number can change depending on the age and needs of your Russian blue cat. But if you take into account all of the costs, it is important to make sure you are ready for this financial commitment before adopting a Russian blue cat.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Russian Blue Cat, we recommend visiting our site – World of Russian Blue for more similar content!

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