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Nebelung Cat – The Shy But Stunning Kitty |2022|

Have you heard of a longhaired Russian blue cat? Have you ever seen a cat that looked exactly like a Russian blue cat? Then you’ve come across a Nebelung cat, which is a rare purebred breed of domesticated cats.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the Nebelung cat. Cat lovers will undoubtedly enjoy reading it. You’ll fall in love with Nebelung after reading this article. Furthermore, some of you may even consider adopting one as a pet.

Nebelung cat overview

Here are some brief explanations of the Nebelung (long-haired Russian Blue) cat. The Nebelung is a cat breed with silver blue-gray silky fur. It’s also a long-haired close relative of the Russian Blue, which has short hair. Nebelung cats are bright, loving, sociable, mild-mannered, and loyal. Furthermore, this is a one-of-a-kind cat breed that is quite unusual. As a result, you can only discover this cat in a few countries including Russia, the United States of America, Canada, Poland, Germany, and The Netherlands.

In German, Nebelung means “Creature Of The Mist.” They were given this moniker because of their appearance, which is blue/gray silky fur or coat.

Origin/History Of The Nebelung Cat

The Nebelung is a rare new breed of cat. The name “creature of the mist” comes from their beautiful, silvery-blue coat, which was known as the “metallic blue”.

In the early 1980s, Nebelung was bred. Cora Cobb of the Nebelheim Cattery gave her son a black domestic shorthair cat as a gift. The cat subsequently mated with a Russian Blue male and birthed a boy kitten with long blue hair. Cora fell in love with the baby Siegfried and named him after her hero, Siegfried Wagner.

After that, in the mid-1980s, the same cat produced a female kitten with long, blue hair. They named her Brunhilde.

It was around then that Cora began a breeding program with Siegfried and Brunhilde. The two cats were described as Russian blue, but they had distinct coat types. Furthermore, in 1986, these cats delivered their kittens.

In 1987, the International Cat Association and The American Cat Fanciers Association recognized them as a distinct breed.

Physical Attributes/Appearance Of The Breed

Nebelung sitting straight

The Nebelung has a beautiful appearance. Furthermore, this cat is recognized as one of the lovely cats. It has a muscular and athletic form. Nebelung also has long, silky hair than Russian Blue and share similar physical characteristics to the Russian Blue.

The following is a list of all their physical attributes, grouped together according to their body parts:


Nebelung’s head is a modified wedge in good proportion to the body. It is more pointed and longer than it is rounded. A straight line runs from the tip of the nose to the tip of the chin. Finally, from eye level to eye level, the forehead is absolutely straight.


Its nose tip is almost straight, with only a tiny concave curve.


Nebelung cats have large, pointed ears. It is suited to the modified wedge head.


The Nebelung has almond-shaped eyes. Its eyes are also slightly oval, medium-sized, and widely formed. The color of the eyes is typically vivid green, but they can also be yellow-green on rare occasions.


The Nebelung breed has an athletic build. Both the male and female Nebelungs are muscular. It also has long, elegant necks and torsos, as well as long, slender legs with tufted paws. Overall, the body is appealing and lengthy. They have a “semi-foreign” body type. It implies that Nebelung is a cross between slim cats and cobby cats. Both male and female Nebelung are well-developed and muscled.


Nebelung cat’s coat is blue-gray in hue. It has a soft, silky double-layered coat that is fine and fluffy. The middle-long coat, especially around the head and neck, is silver-tipped, giving them a sparkling effect. They also have pantaloons on the hind leg and a ruff around the neck.

The tail of the Nebelung has more fur. Male and female Nebelungs also have tufted fur between their toes.

Legs And Paws

The Nebelung’s leg is lengthy and has a moderate bone. It features a medium-sized foot with well-rounded oval paws.


The Nebelung has a lengthy tail. Furthermore, the tail has more fur than the other body parts. It also appears like a large feather. The tail, on the other hand, is appropriate for its size.


The Nebelung is a blue-gray color. Its blue coat fur has a silvery sheen at the extremities. They have a long, flowing coat with feather-like fur around the tail.

The Temperament Of The Nebelung Cat

The most adorable personality is that of Nebelung. These cats are loving, playful, loyal, bright, intelligent, kind, gentle, quiet, but they can be awkward and shy in front of strangers.

Nebelung cat sitting.

Nebelung Cats are more compatible with older or senior people than young kids. It also likes to spend time with its loved ones in their laps when they’re indoors. They’ll also follow their beloved ones all throughout the house, particularly strongly bonded with a few individuals who will be by their sides for the rest of their lives.

The Nebelung cats are used to a set of routines. It takes time for a new routine to become familiar with. These cats will pick up on your routine and habits rather quickly. As a result, the modifications in your behavior and routines will have an impact on them as well.

Nebelung is a quiet and peaceful cat unless something catastrophic happens, that isn’t to the cleanliness standard of the cat, such as empty food dishes or unclean cat boxes. This is due to their heightened sense of smell and hygiene.

These cats are not friendly to strangers, so your Nebelung may hide and be difficult to discover when strangers visit your home. Nebelung can like some cats and dogs in exceptional circumstances, and in some instances, he might be pleased with certain humans other than their owners.

The Nebelung Cats are also sensitive. It prefers a peaceful environment, but it requires attention from its favorite person. When you ignore them for an extended period of time, these cats can become nervous and dejected. Nevertheless, when you’re at work, it may enjoy its own leisure.

If you like spending time with Nebelung, they will love being around you. However, if you have little children and a raucous home, keep in mind that it dislikes noise.

Taking Care Of The Nebelung Cat

Nebelung Requires Both Physical And Mental Attention.

Nebelung can become rather close to a single individual after getting to know them. It’s typically the owner or a family member. They will also accompany you everywhere you go. Furthermore, if you are the chosen person of the cat, while at home, you must devote your complete attention to them.

Nebelung Cats are usually docile and laid-back, but they may be amusing on rare occasions. As a result, give them their favorite toys or things to play with, and you’ll keep them occupied. You may also use Russian blue cat toys to get them going.

Nebelung cats enjoy a set schedule. As a result, don’t interrupt their routine with frequent changes.

Nebelung is quiet and bashful in front of strangers, so you should give them some socialization training. The lessons will help them to feel less anxious. While Nebelung adores cuddling and affection from their loved ones, it is not a needy cat. As a result, you may leave them alone at home when you are working.

Nebelung does not enjoy young children and hyperactive cats and dogs. If you don’t have young children or other pets, you should adopt them. Twice a week, comb Nebelung’s hair to remove dead hair and distribute skin oils.

Keep your Nebelung’s litter box clean. A clean litter box is appreciated by Nebelung. Furthermore, a clean litter box aids in the cleansing of their coat. It’s preferable to keep them indoors. And what could be better than being an indoor cat? They will avoid acquiring illnesses and being preyed upon by other cats and dogs if they stay inside.

Nebelung Cost Price

The cost of a Nebelung is anywhere from $300 to $500. The price varies depending on the cat’s unique characteristics. This price range is comparable to that of other breeds. For example, the Russian Blue costs around $500 as well as the Turkish Angora which can cost up to $700.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Nebelung Suitable for you?

A: Nebelung cats are quiet, smart, loving pets. It’s the perfect cat for a calm home with seniors. Nebelung is also a lap cat, so it won’t hang around the house. So you don’t have to be concerned about it getting lost. However, it is not an excellent fit for homes with toddlers and other pets.

Q: Do Nebelungs like other pets?

A: After getting to know them, Nebelung can stay with other cats and animals. They will take time to get used to one another, but they will enjoy each other’s company after a while. However, it will be difficult for them to share their home with hyperactive cats and dogs or any other pets. Furthermore, it likes the companionship of a select few humans and devotes its entire life to be with them.

Q: How do you identify a Nebelung?

A: Nebelung has bluish-gray hair that is medium in length. It has an athletic, muscular physique. The leg is slender, while the neck is long and elegant. The coats have a gleaming sheen due to the presence of a silver lining. Nebelung may be distinguished from other breeds by its physical features.

You may read the above article to learn more about their physical appearance.

Q: Where Can You Purchase A Nebelung Cat?

A: The Nebelungs are most common in countries like Russia, the United States, Canada, Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands. You can adopt or buy one online and from breeders as well.


Finally, if you’re seeking for a cat to adopt, Nebelung might be the best alternative. It has more advantages than drawbacks. Furthermore, read the preceding article to discover everything there is to know about Nebelung. It will assist you in determining whether or not you wish to adopt a Nebelung as a pet.


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