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Russian Blue Cats Vs Maine Coon Cats [Complete Comparison]

There are two breeds of cats that are often compared to one another: the Russian Blue Cat and the Maine Coon Cat. Both of these breeds are incredibly popular, and for good reason – they are both beautiful and intelligent animals.

You saw a guy walking down the street with Russian blue and Maine coon. Your eyes fell on both cats at the same time, yet you only wanted one of them. So, how do you pick between Maine coon and Russian blue? How can you tell which is right for you? Which one would be the finest pet for your home as well as your family?

The appearance of both blue Russian cats and Maine coon cats is striking. However, it all comes down to their personalities, treatment, health concerns, cost, and other factors.

However, there are some key differences between these two breeds that it is important to know before you decide which one is right for you.  In this article, we will explore those differences in-depth, so that you can make an informed decision about which cat is right for your home.

Russian Blue Cats: Introduction

The Russian blue cat is characterized as a distinct breed with unusual qualities. They are one of the most sensitive and kind cats around. Silver to darker grey slates is among the colors available. Their fur stands out from their body, which is characteristic of the Russian breed. Due to their double coat fur, they can endure cold temperatures better than other cats.

During World War II, the Russian blue was nearly eradicated, but it was saved by adding other strains such as the Siamese and British blue cats. They were able to preserve the breed we know today.

Maine Coon Cats: Introduction

The Maine coon cat is the most popular domestic cat breed in the world. They have been recognized for their hunting talents, making them unique among cats. The Maine coon cat is indigenous to the United States, as it has been officially designated. The Maine coon is also the oldest cat breed in North America, according to folklore. In the late 1800s, they were popular in cat shows because of their appearance from a regular cat. As a result, the Maine coon has been one of the most widely recognized cat breeds in the United States. The colors vary from chocolate brown to a darker brown and have a big bushy tail.

Differences Between Russian Blue And Maine Coon


The Russian blue cat is most likely from the Northwest of Russia. They are, however, a naturally occurring breed, making it difficult to pinpoint their exact birthplace. Because some people believe they originated in Europe, they were also known as Archangel cats. It’s also been suggested that they’ve been called Spanish cats and Maltese cats in the United States, but there were some ties to Russia, where similar features were discovered in Russian cats.

Cats with thick fur in Scandinavia indicate that they inhabited a harsh northern climate. As a result, the Russian blue is connected to Russia.

The Maine coon cat, on the other hand, is a product of the United States. These cats had raccoon-like tails and were associated with long hair coats and were introduced to the state of Maine. As a result, Maine coon cats got their name.

Maine coons are adapted to extreme climates, including the cold and the winter. The Maine coon cats were subsequently sent to other nations, including the United Kingdom. The Maine coon cats were initially recognized as a distinct breed in the state of Maine, where it was designated the state’s official cat.


The Siberian blue cat has a dense coat-like fur and is a medium-sized cat, although due to the fur that sticks out from its real body, it appears to be larger. The color of the fur ranges from grey tones to a modest amount of sheen silver.

The average weight of a Russian blue is about 7 to 12 pounds. The eyes of these cats are fascinating. It can alter the color from yellow to greenish over time, what’s more, interesting about its eyes is that they change color throughout their life. The cats are born with yellow eyes, but they gradually change to green when they are around four months old and get darker with time until they become adults.

Moving on to the Maine coon cats, they are big furred cats that seem larger and more magnificent as a result of their thick coats. These shaggy pelts have silky and glossy tresses that grow longer behind the head, giving them an appealing appearance distinct from other breeds. The color of the fur might be white, red, blue, black, or creamy hues.

Tabby, calico, and tortoiseshell tabbies are just a few of the numerous coat types seen in this breed. This sort of cat weighs around 8-18 pounds on average, which is a bit heavier than Russian blues. The Maine coon cat is also able to reach heights up to 40 inches when compared to the Russian blue, with their muscular bodies and light legs.

Personality And Temperament

The Russian blue cats are mostly calm, affectionate, and smart breeds of cats. They are friendly with families and even other pets in their homes. They can be playful but they don’t like being clingy. At first, the cat might not seem to pick up these behaviors but as time passes and when he learns to get along they are more comfortable and loving. They are cautious about strangers and take time to be as friendly with them as the pet owners but they’ll get along as time goes by.

The Russian blues, while being sensitive and loyal to their owner, are nimble and light-footed. They prefer attention and active games to self-entertainment, but they do like it. This breed of cats looks for attention and, once you give it to them, they will appreciate the company and follow you around the house. They are extremely concerned about their litter boxes and will be unhappy if they aren’t maintained properly.

Maine coon cats are fun but silly, and they are very laid-back cats. They are watchful and patient with children and other pets. The primary coon cats prefer company and will follow their owner from room to room. They enjoy cuddling and may curl up if given the attention they desire.

They enjoy water and bathing, so don’t be surprised if your Maine Coon bathes in the sink. It’s because of their thick coats’ water repellent property that the water won’t readily flow to their bodies, making them less irritated.

Maine coon cats share the same preferences as their owner regarding toys. They adore chasing and playing with their toys, and they act like they’re searching for prey when playing with them. They will even leap for the toy. The main coon cats enjoy the outdoors, so let them climb trees and practice hunting. These cats are also known for their delectable howl. You can also get the greatest toys for both Russian blue and Maine coon cats.

It’ll take time for these cats to warm up to people since they’re known to be more difficult to get used to. It will take time for them to decide because of this. All of these attempts to gain their trust and strengthen the bonds.

Grooming And Caring Difference

The coats of the Russian blues are thick, as previously said, and it may appear like the hair comes off frequently. They do shed somewhat, but you’ll need to brush them at least once or twice to remove the extra unneeded furry from your cat.

Also, during the spring season, when they shed the most, you may increase your brushing frequency. As a result, acquire expert grooming instructions for the Russian blue cat.

You may just trim the cats’ nails as needed when speaking about their teeth and nails. Brushing them with veterinarian-approved toothpaste is suggested for their teeth.

The Russian blues litter box should be placed in a familiar location, because they may look for a bathroom if it is not. They enjoy exploring, so keep an eye out for grills or locks that are hazardous for the cat to climb on.

Regular health checks and vaccinations are advised and required for each cat. With that in mind, proper high-quality cat food is also essential so obtaining input from a veterinarian on the feeding plan is critical. They require a lot of energy because they are always active and running about, therefore a good diet is necessary.

When it comes to the Maine coon cat, the outer coat of the cat is easily handled by the cat, but it requires routine grooming to maintain. A well-groomed kitty is a reflection of a healthy feline, and bathing him regularly is also required.

Bathing your cat is required at least once a week, if not more often depending on the appearance of her coat. It’s time to bathe your cat when she starts to appear greasy. Their coats will become snarled if they are groomed incorrectly.

The playfulness and training they acquire are both typical features of the Russian blue and Maine coon. They learn how to use the basic litterbox, as well as the significance of cleanliness.

It’s critical to keep feeding the cat’s region up since all the energy they consume comes from their food. As a result, high-quality meals must be given to the cat. The feeding schedule for cats should be maintained in conjunction with routine veterinary checkups.

You may also want to know about Grooming a Russian Blue Cat if you have one.

Russian Blue Vs Maine Coon Health Difference

Russian blues are rather long-lived, with a lifespan of 15-20 years compared to the usual 10-15 years for other cats. They are very robust breeds that can nevertheless suffer from Progressive Retinal Atrophy, which is an eye disease that causes vision loss. Polycystic Kidney Disease is another common ailment among them.

Even though there are several Russian blue health concerns, your cat must visit the veterinarian for prescreening and should follow the veterinarian’s instructions.

The Maine coon cats, on the other hand, live for about 10-13 years in captivity and have a nice life with only some ailment that may harm them. Because of their enormous size, hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and dental problems are also typical among them.

Apart from that, a regular veterinary checkup is required until your cat reaches adulthood.

Market Price Difference

The Maine coon cats are more expensive in comparison to Russian Blues as Russian blue costs around ranging from $400 to $600, whereas the Maine Coon breed will cost a price of $900. The prices might have surprised you as despite the cats having very similar as well as common behaviors there is a huge difference in their prices.

This is because these cats are available in a variety of locations. Another important factor regarding the difference in the cost among the cats is regarding its caring and grooming.

Russian Blue Facts Vs Maine Coon Facts

Russian Blue Cat Facts

  • The Archangel cats were a Russian blue cat breed. It is thought that they originate on the Archangel Islands in Northern Russia.
  • They have grey fur, but because the end of the hair is so dark, we can’t see them.
  • The Russian Blue cats are a naturally occurring breed.
  • The Russian blue cats are classed under the category of Royal breed.

Maine Coon Cat Facts

  • They enjoy playing in the water and they frequently attempt to sneak around the house to discover more.
  • They don’t want to be left alone, and they will always seek out the company of people they know.
  • There are around 75 distinct color combinations in these cats’ coats.
  • They are the state’s official emblem. One of the reasons why they are called Maine coons is because they were first discovered in Maine.


The Maine coons and the Russian blues appear similar at first, but they differ in many aspects. The way they act, as well as how one must be treated. The Maine coons have a sweet-tempered personality that is sociable. They will enjoy time alone, while the Russian blues are more of a powerful breed.

They dislike being alone and want constant attention. Not just with the personality, but there are several other things to think about before acquiring one. Both breeds are distinctive and fascinate owners in their own ways, and both have a significant place in cat history.


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