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Know More About Your Fluffy Russian Blue Cats! Are They Obese?

Fluffy russian blue cat outdoors.

Most cat fanciers claim that Fluffy Russian Blue cats are some of the most beautiful cats on Earth. They are easily recognized by their plush coat, which is very shiny and silky to touch, that covers their streamlined bodies. Fluffy Russian Blue cats have blue “points” (ears, nose, tail, and paws), eyes of a greenish hue, and a white underbelly.

Fluffy Russian Blue cats are not only recognized for their beauty but also for their intelligence. They can be easily tamed since they are known as one of the most intelligent cats, so you do not have to worry about it biting or scratching you when they don’t like your actions. It is also affectionate to strangers so they will probably become your friend if you feed him once! They can be trained to do tricks, and can even ride in a cart since they are known as active and agile cats.

Fluffy Russian Blue cats are very playful, they will chase after the red dot that you usually see in cat toys. Their playfulness can be seen in their behavior when they jump on top of their owners’ shoulders or laps while mewing or kneading like kittens. They’re also energetic because they will follow your gaze for activity, jump onto any elevated surfaces, climb furniture and shelves, go up high places like their favorite home; the window. Fluffy Russian Blue cats know how to escape through open windows, so make sure that there are no obstacles near the window before you leave them alone. They should always have an owner that takes them out for a walk.

Fluffy Russian Blue cats are very healthy because they live longer than other types of cats (its lifespan is about 15-20 years), but make sure you bring them to your veterinarian if it has symptoms like weight loss, lack of energy, vomiting, diarrhea, blood in stool, and repeated infections or inflammations involving the eyes or nose.

Tips for caring for your new Fluffy friend

Fluffy Russian Blue cats are wonderful creatures that can bring so much joy to your life, but it is important you keep in mind the responsibility of caring for them. Fluffy Russian Blue cats are very intelligent cats and can be litter-box trained in no time at all with enough patience on your part. They are also known for playing fetch with their owners and love water! They do require some special attention, however, they need plenty of toys to play with and will expect you to provide them when they enter your home for the first time!

Fluffy Russian Blue cat laying on the floor.

It’s also important that your cat get plenty of rest because they are very shy around strangers, especially during the first few days after coming home with their new family members. Fluffy Russian Blue cats will need their own room at the very least, but also love to be close to their families so they can keep an eye on them. They’ll come to trust you in time and slowly gain your trust as well. They always seem to know when something’s wrong with its owner since it is known for consoling owners when they’re upset. They do require plenty of attention though! Fluffies are almost never alone because they crave affection from their owner and hate being left alone.

Fluffy Russian Blue cats do play fetch, even if it is with a toy mouse or other animal toy. They seem to like playing fetch more with toys than actual balls or objects people throw around, maybe because they want to show that it is the alpha. Fluffy Russian Blue cats also love water, but should not be allowed to play with it unless its litter box is filled with water at all times. They need plenty of grooming and will eventually learn how to take care of Fluffy’s self since they are very intelligent creatures.

Fluffy Russian Blue Cats are great pets because they keep their owners on their toes without being too high maintenance. It can be hard taking care of a cat for some people, especially when they’ve never had one before, but with enough patience, you won’t be regretting its decision to join your home anytime soon! These cats don’t mind it when they are picked up by their scruffs, but they do mind when they are lifted off of their paws. Fluffy Russian Blue Cats love attention and want their owner to spend as much time with them as possible.

They will make sure you’ll never forget them! Don’t worry about bringing Fluffy Russian Blue cats home as they are a very unique breed of creatures and they love all people equally, humans or otherwise! Fluffy Russian Blue cats will stay with their owners until the end; even if they die it has no regrets about joining your home because that was obviously the right choice to make!

How to take care of a Pregnant or a Nursing Russian Blue cat?

In most cases, pregnant fluffy Russian Blue cats will have a gestation period of about 64 days. Their pregnancy can last up to 68 or 70 days though. You should be able to tell if it is pregnant around the third week of her pregnancy because she will become increasingly moody and reclusive but also very loving at times.

Fluffy russian blue staring at the camera.

A day or two before she gives birth you see a couple of kittens being born as well as blood is seen around her nipples as they swell during this time. Nine weeks is about the right amount of time these creatures will nurse their kittens with milk from those now swollen teats – nine weeks being just right for its pups to learn how to eat on their own.

It’s important to remember what your cat needs during this time. They need a quiet, calm place to have their kittens, or else kittens will be born prematurely. They should not be allowed to jump off of high places because she could hurt herself and the inside of her uterus could rupture causing serious injury as well as possible harm if it falls on someone else around that time period.

The owner should especially take special care of their Fluffy Russian Blue cats during this stage. You should know how to take the cat’s temperature rectally using a special thermometer made for cats so you can keep tabs on its health as she is very vulnerable at this point in her life. They should be treated with special care because they are at a very high risk of getting an infection during the birthing process and this can lead to shock or even death. Its litter may also be born prematurely if the delivery is too stressful on the cat, so it’s important that health not be compromised under any circumstances throughout her pregnancy.

Owners must know how to take care of their cats properly in order for them to live long, happy lives with their owners. This is just one way you can learn more about Fluffy Russian Blue cats by reading my article but there are many others as well!

The best toys and treats for your new pet

Toys and accessories for Russian Blue.

Difficult as it may be, getting Fluffy Russian Blue cats to play can prove to be quite a challenge for those that don’t know what will interest them the most.

They are very intelligent creatures that need lots of playtime in order to keep themselves entertained throughout the day. If you don’t provide your cat with enough mental stimulation then he or she may end up acting out – usually by means of destroying household items or furniture. Providing plenty of toys for your furry friend will make sure this doesn’t happen. Luckily though, once you know what types of toy would suit your kitten best then you won’t have much trouble finding the perfect present. 

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of some great toys and treats that your new Russian blue kitty is sure to love!  Whether they are a kitten or an adult, these products should help keep them entertained throughout the day – without creating too much of a mess around the house.

Gifts best suited for Fluffy Russian Blue cats:

1) Cat Trees

This two-sided carpet climbing toy features numerous posts and platforms that come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. This is a great way for your kitten to play as they try to balance themselves on each level, whilst also sharpening their claws as they climb from one side to the other. It not only gives them an ample amount of exercise, but it will also make sure their nails stay nice and short by removing the need for them to scratch at your household items and furniture (which can be rather destructive). When buying this toy, make sure you carefully read the dimensions so that you know whether or not it will fit in your home.

2) Da Bird Cat Toy

If you want something different then why not try out this interactive toy made from real chicken feathers? Once dangled in front of them (with two hands), your cat will go wild as they attempt to catch it – which gives them an excellent workout. This toy will be loved by both kittens and adult Russian Blues, however, it is best suited for households with multiple cats that can play together (as well as the owner).

3) Petstages Tower of Tracks

Another great way to keep your kitten entertained is through the Tower of Tracks cat toy. It comes with three different devices that all move simultaneously around the base, giving your furry friend plenty to look at and keep their mind stimulated at all times. They are sure to love chasing these toys from one end to another, using some of those nine lives as they leap from level to level.

4) Ipets Loco Laser Light Chase Toy

This is a great toy for your Russian Blue kitten if you’re sick of them scratching at the furniture and sniffing around for little creatures to play with. It allows them to chase after a moving laser light rather than something that isn’t even there – so you can rest assured they’ll be too busy playing to cause any damage around the house!

5) PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy

For those of you looking to keep things nice and simple then why not go for this automatic laser toy? The main difference between this and other products is that it comes with an automatic rotating base that will bring plenty of fun back into your home as soon as your cat approaches it.

6) Temptations Chicken Flavored Pate Enticing Treats

If you’ve already tried most of the toys on this list but still want to find an equally good treat for your kitten, then you can’t go wrong with this chicken-flavored pate enticement treat. These low-calorie snacks are sure to leave your cat wanting more, as they work their way through the various flavors (and types). The best part about them is that they will help improve your furry friend’s dental health!

7) PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Cat Feeder

If you struggle to feed your cats their daily amount of food every day, then this automatic kitty feeder could prove invaluable for you (especially if your blue feline has some weight issues). It comes with three different compartments which each hold their own food servings, which you can then program to release at the correct time of day. This makes sure that your cat will get their vitamins and minerals while you don’t have to worry about them overeating (or under-eating).

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