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Are you planning to buy for a high-end feline friend? An expensive Russian Blue Cat might become a perfect choice for you.

If you are in the market for a new pet and have a few thousand dollars to spare, you may want to consider buying an Expensive Russian blue cat. They are one of the most expensive breeds of cats, but they’re worth every penny. Russian blues are one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world, and there are several reasons why they command such high prices. In this article, we will take a look at some of the benefits of owning a Russian blue cat and explain why they are worth the money.

Is Russian Blue Expensive Cat Breed? 

You might be thinking that the Russian Blue Cats are not much expensive in comparison to other cat breeds. But, they are quite expensive than other cat breeds. The expensive Russian Blue Cat cost around $600 – $1200.

Russian blue cats are known for their beautiful, silvery-blue coats and friendly personalities. They make great pets for people of all ages and can be a great addition to any home. Russian blues are also very intelligent animals and can be trained to do tricks like sit, stay, and come.

One of the best things about owning an expensive Russian blue cat is that they are relatively low-maintenance. They do not require a lot of grooming and can be left alone for long periods without getting bored or destructive. Russian blues are also very clean animals and will often groom themselves. If you are planning to buy a premium cat breed then expensive Russian blue cat falls under the premium cat breeds

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Why is the Russian Blue Cat Expensive?

Why is it so difficult to acquire a Russian blue cat, you might wonder? So these are the reasons behind its high price tag. The following are some of the reasons behind the expensive Russian Blue Cats.

Expensive Russian Blue Cat Pedigree

A cat’s pedigree has been carefully bred for desirable characteristics. As a result, if you obtain a Pedigree Russian Blue, it’s likely to be costly.

To develop normal characteristics like a silky blue coat, emerald eyes, and so on, breeders must put in significant effort. A breeder should produce two pure Russian Blue pedigrees to obtain a decent pedigree Russian Blue.

Russian Blue Pedigree Cats are costly because it takes a lot of work, money, and time to develop attractive features. Expect the price to rise even more if the cat’s parents were winners at cat shows!

However, not all costly Russian Blues are purebred. Some breeders may mislead you into believing you’re buying a “Russian Blue” that just appears to be blue and has no characteristics. This is why you should acquire the breeding documents from your breeder.

The Pedigree Russian Blues are more expensive than the mixed Russian Blues. The majority of mixed Russian Blues can be found at shelters. It is unusual to come across a Pedigree Russian Blue at a shelter home. Furthermore, breeders who have produced mixed Russian Blues may deliver mixed Russian Blues as puppies.

If you’re buying a mixed Russian Blue, the breeder will usually cut the price. A pedigree Russian Blue, on the other hand, is rather costly.

Color And Quality Of The Coat

In the olden days, Russian Blues were hunted for their luxurious coat. Furthermore, even today, the beautiful blue coat of Russian Blues is cherished. There is the formation of 100 percent Russian blue kittens when breeders combine two pure Russian Blues. The coat of the pure Russian blue kittens is as lovely as that of their parents.

The thick double-layered coat of the pure Russian Blue is one of its most distinctive qualities. The lower layer is smooth, downy. The upper layer is blue with a glistening sheen to it, despite being blue. A Russian Blue coat feels smooth, silky, and luxurious when you run your hands over it. When lines are drawn on the coat, a line remains. When you smoothen the line disappears.

However, when a pure Russian Blue is bred with a mixed Russian Blue, the resulting litter may contain both black and blue cats. This is due to a dominant black gene present in the mixed Russian Blue that gives birth to a black kitten. Even if the kitten from the litter appears blue, its coat isn’t as nice as that of a pedigree(pure) Russian Blue.

As a result, producing an acceptable Russian Blue coat is extremely difficult. If the breeder asks for extra money for a Russian Blue’s exceptional blue coat, don’t be shocked! Because the coat of a Russian Blue is valued property.

Geographical Location

Russian Blues are extremely popular in the United States, Russia, and other parts of the world. In many countries, Russian Blues are not particularly popular. As a result, the shipment should be completed. Russian Blue shipping adds to the cost of the product.

If you don’t live near a Russian Blue breeder, you must transport them from elsewhere. Furthermore, the farther the breeders are located, the greater the shipping charge. The shipping cost varies between 80$ and 200$ or more depending on location. If you are shipping an expensive Russian blue cat then you will have to pay that amount extra as a shipping charge for your Russian Blue.

If you buy a Russian Blue from a local breeder, you won’t have to pay for shipping. Furthermore, breeders compete with each other, so they sell you lower-priced Russian Blues.

Why is Female Russian Blue More Expensive Than Males?

Russian Blues female gives birth to kittens. These kittens may be sold for a considerable amount of money. Some people prefer to raise high-quality Russian Blues to have a litter and make money. As a result, the breeder sells females at a premium price. While comparing the expensive Russian Blue in terms of their gender then you will find female Russian blue expensive in comparison to male Russian Blue cats

The breeder is also at a disadvantage because he or she sold the female kitten and cannot produce kittens to make money. Furthermore, a young female Russian Blue has a long reproductive life span. This is also why breeders seek greater things from a young Russian Blue female.

Nonetheless, in certain jurisdictions, it is against the law to sell Russian Blues without a license. Some unscrupulous people purchase Russian Blues to make waste and profit from the sale of their offspring. This might lead to an overabundance of impure Russian Blues. To safeguard the purity of the lineage of Russian Blue, breeders must take action.

As a result, the male cats are neutered before being sold. Before selling, the breeder injections the female Russian Blue with contraceptives. The neutering and vaccinations may raise the price somewhat.

The demand of Russian Blue Against Supply of Russian Blue

You must comprehend this business model. This might be a pain, but you’ll understand why the price of Russian Blues goes up.

The supply will be limited if the demand for Russian Blues rises. However, the amount of Russian Blues available will remain constant since it takes 2-3 months for cats to reproduce. Furthermore, Russian Blues are very difficult to train into desired characteristics.

Several reasons exist for this scarcity. The most important of these is the fact that there are a very small amount of Russian Blues available. What’s more, because high-quality kittens are so hard to come by, breeders demand a higher price from customers. Thus, due to limited supply turns out Russian blue cat to become an expensive Russian Blue Cat.

Cost Of Bringing Up A Russian Blue

The Russian Blue is a naturally occurring breed. They don’t have any cross-breeding genetic disorders. As a result, Russian Blues are long-lived animals. Some even survive for 24 years. As a result, the expense of raising Russian Blue puppies rises.

You’ll need a litter box, food dish, water fountain for cats, premium cat food, toys, scratch posts, brush and comb, nail cutter, harness, cat tree house, blankets. This is a little more expensive.

You’ll also need to make preparations for a yearly check-up at the veterinarian’s office. Visiting the vet and getting vaccinations might result in additional charges.

However, the Russian Blues are low-maintenance cats that don’t suffer from frequent health issues. As a result, it seems rather unlikely that you will have to visit the veterinarian and spend a lot of money.

However, your daily expenses may end up costing you some money. Especially, if you have an Expensive Russian blue cat then you should be also able to provide premium Russian blue food to your Russian blue (A expensive Russian blue cat food is of high quality and has a pricey price tag).

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Is It Worth Paying For A Expensive Russian Blue Cat?

Yes, an Expensive Russian blue cat is well worth the money. That is correct; Russian blues are rather costly. But, they may make a wonderful long-term investment for you!

For me, the price surges for Russian Blue are worth it. The expensive Russian blue cat has appearance which looks a royal as well as they have their unique quality. Furthermore, Russian Blues’ kind nature makes them very valuable. The wonderful eyes and tall stature are also bonuses that contribute to their cost.

Furthermore, the breeder invests considerable effort in developing a high-quality Russian Blue. This also necessitates parents with straight lineage. And I believe that preserving the line of Russian Blues is a wonderful goal.

In conclusion, I believe that purchasing an Expensive Russian Blue Cat is worth it.

Expensive Russian blue cat sitting


I hope you have a better understanding of how much an Expensive Russian Blue cat costs and Why are Russian Blue cat expensive costly after reading this post.

The extremely rare fur, as well as emerald eyes and spines, raises the price of this lovely cat. Russian Blues are also unusual cats with a limited supply.

In addition, costlier puppies are a result of reputable breeders asking for more money. Not to mention the vaccinations, DNA testing, location, and availability. Female Russian Blues are costly to maintain because they can give birth.



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